ΑΙR MAX “MOYSTAKAS ATHANASIOS & ΝΙΚΟLΑΟS O.E.(General Partnership) was founded in 1955, having as an object of activity the manufacturing and marketing of agricultural machinery.

After a successful upward trend,  installed, in 2005, in a private area of 1600 sq.m acquiring modern technological equipment with ISO 9001:2000 Certification, with full line of vertical production and with great potential for development both in construction and in commercial. Today the company’s main goal is the high quality of production and the support all its products with a full range of spare parts and service.So the company is excellent organized in the productive sector with specialized technical personnel, with experience and expertise in construction, thus fulfilling all rules and quality standards in accordance with international requirements and EU directives.
The continuous research of technology in agricultural machinery and the implements for olive harvest, the high level of services and the cooperation with foreign firms have made the company “AIR MAX” a model company in the sector, holding one of the first places in the area.